Girl Nation is available for school presentations, as well as weekend workshops. For workshops, groups of ten girls are required. If you are interested, or would like additional information, please contact us.

Girl Nation Programs

Girl Nation was born as a 10-week after school enrichment class at Alexander Dawson in Las Vegas. It has expanded to offer these programs at schools in Las Vegas and Southern California. A Girl Nation Scholarship program is available to girls in financial need who want to attend a GN class but don’t have the financial means. Please email us for more information.

Both of my daughters have attended Girls Nation events. I initially signed them up just thinking it would be a fun experience and an opportunity to make new friends. They ended up getting so much more out of each event. Girls Nation offers a safe, fun, loving environment where girls can talk about issues that are relevant to them. Carli makes topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about (i.e. peer pressure, bullying, puberty, body image) less taboo; allowing the girls to open up and feel less isolated. My girls loved the yoga with essential oils and cool crafts too. They enjoyed collaborating with other girls while promoting self esteem and common bonds in a really fun way.

I’m thankful for people like Carli who are educated, aware and have sincere empathy for the issues and emotions that girls are facing in today’s society. Girl Nation is a fun, positive, inspirational space where girls feel safe sharing their feelings and in doing that, learn so much from each other. It promotes kinship and understanding and through that, self empowerment.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Carli Snyder has an ongoing speaking engagement for the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Charity League and Girl Scouts. She is also a consultant for Foothills High School in Las Vegas. Topics include body image, self-esteem, friendships, boundaries with boys, anxiety, depression and more.

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